How do I fix an Android app that isn’t working?

If an Android app on your Remix device is crashing, won’t open/respond or isn’t working properly, one of the troubleshooting solutions below may fix the issue.

1) Restart your device.

2) Update Remix OS to the latest version.

3) Update the app to the latest version.

4) Force stop the app

- Go to ‘Settings > Applications' 

- Click on the app

- Tap ‘Force stop’

5) Clear the app's cache

- Go to ‘Settings > Applications'

- Click on the app

- Tap ‘Clear cache’

6)  Clear the app's data

-Go to ‘Settings’ app

-Tap ‘Applications’

-Tap the app

-Tap ‘Clear data’

7) Re-install the app

8) Reset the device



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