My device restarts on its own or crashes

If your device keeps rebooting itself, or is crashing without restarting, one of the steps below may fix the issue. After following the steps for each recommended solution, check to see if it fixed your issue.

1) Update Remix OS to the latest version.

2) Update Applications to their latest versions.

3) Close the Apps you are not using.

- Go to ‘Settings’ app

- Tap ‘Applications’

- Pick the app from the list

- Tap ‘Force stop’

4) Wipe cache in Recovery Mode


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    For my Remix tablet from kickstarter

    Hi , I just update to Remix OS 2.0.305 , but I still have the same problem as before constant restart , I did a reset after upgrade to 2.0.305, but did not update any app yet. 

    If there is a known issue for which app cause this , please let the user now, bacause I don't want to update every app on Google market if i don't have to.

    Special conditions:

    After restart , I did not update any app in google play store, I did turn off auto update a.s.a.p.

    below are photo of some time when it crash and restart by itself. (just example) , most of the time it restart even without doing anything. 


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    Kris need help on my onda v820w ch. I've no response on the xda forum...

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    This is maybe too late but for me I think I found the solution. Restart your computer and press F2 to go to settings of the computer. There you will see options to use 1 core or 2 . Chose 1 core and disable all performance boosting options. Back to remixes and see if the problem fixed

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