My device’s screen isn’t working correctly.

1) Make sure your device’s screen is clean and hasn’t crashed.

2) Reboot your device to give it a fresh start.

3) Uninstall all recently installed applications one-by-one as to find out whether an app caused this issue. If you find an app caused the issue, you can reinstall it.

4) Reset your device to factory settings.


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    PACO San

    Hi. Install OS on a Windows Remix specifically Ezpad4s Jumper, tablet the problem is that the touch screen does not work.
    Could you help me?

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    Joey Drosche

    Thank you hide for this awesome software. I have a HP envy x360 I'm trying to load and my touchscreen doesn't work. I have the AMD 9800p and also have a slight issue with the graphics. Seems not to like it. Just likes to hang win using it. Thank you again

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