I'm having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

1) Make sure your Wi-Fi is on and Airplane mode is off on your device.


2) Turn Airplane mode on and off again to reconnect to your preferred network.


3) Connect to your Wi-Fi network with another device. If other devices can connect to and use the wireless network, the issue may be with your Remix device.


4) Connect to a Wi-Fi network at another location with your Remix device. If the Wi-Fi network in another location can be connected to, the issue may be with the Wi-Fi network you .


5) Connect to a Hotspot. If it can, your issue may due to an IP address conflict. You can install a Wi-Fi analyzer to avoid the conflict.


6) Re-add a Wi-Fi network from your device, follow these steps:

- Go to ‘Settings > Wi-Fi > Click the connected SSID name > Click ‘Forget’

- Click the three dots at the upper right corner

- Click ‘Add a network’ and enter the relevant information

 [An alternate way: Setup a static IP]


7) If you have access to the router or modem, try turning it off and then on again:

- Unplug the router or modem’s power cables from the socket for 15 seconds.

- Plug the cables back in and it should turn on automatically.

- Wait until the lights on the modem and router are working as intended (this can take a minute or two).

- If the lights on the router or modem aren't flashing as intended according to the manufacturer's user manual, there may be an issue with the modem, router or Internet connection. Contact the network administrator or your Internet Service Provider to see if they can resolve this issue on their end.



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    the internet is not connecting via eternet cable can you fix that

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