Remix OS Update 2.0.510/2.0.513

Remix OS Version: 2.0.510 (RMIG)/2.0.513 (RM1GL) 

Build number: B2016071901 (RMIG)/B2016080101 (RM1GL) 


  • Fixed issue where the task bar would automatically turn off after rebooting into the system.
  • Fixed issue where uplugging the mouse could result in certain app crashes.
  • Fixed issue where some Unity 3D-powered gaming mouse was not able to click-input.
  • Fixed issue where the “delete” key couldn’t delete files in trash bin.
  • Fixed issue where “ghost” shortcuts of uninstalled apps remained on the desktop.
  • Fixed issue caused by the native screen lock function of some music streaming apps.
  • Fixed issue where Wi-Fi connection was lost in standby mode.
  • Fixed output/input issues related to Bluetooth audio devices with some communication apps.
  • Fixed system crash that occurs when copying large files.
  • Fixed issue where double pressing ‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete’ would lead to system reboot.
  • Improved normal boot-up speed to 30 seconds.
  • Removed the 'Successful exit external devices' notification after formatting an external storage device in File Manager.
  • Improved the video and image browsing experience
  • Support for copying files and using desktop simultaneously.
  • Support for video calling and using desktop simultaneously.
  • Support for Chrome Switcher that allows Chrome browser to show websites in desktop mode by default.
  • Support for an improved version of Remix Central with more optimized apps available for download.


  • Avatar
    Vishal Dembla

    Mic functionality? Is it been fixed?

  • Avatar
    Jeff LeBoeuf

    Remix Mini will not find the update using the "System update" functionality... It just keeps saying 2.0.402 is the latest...



  • Avatar
    Vishal Dembla

    It's an unstable build so wait till the stable release gets online

  • Avatar

    root terminal on internal uart disabled ... ?

  • Avatar
    Łukasz Hajnc

    When will be avalaible animated wallpaper and widget ? Any feature for start: menue ?? Android 6.0 ??

  • Avatar
    José Tomáz da Costa Neto

    Remix OS 3.0? 

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