Remix OS for PC Update: 3.0.101

This update to Remix OS for PC version number 3.0.101, one that is based on Android 6.0. The migration to Marshmallow marks the next step in evolution for Remix OS for PC, with many added features reflecting the feedback delivered by the user community. 


A key feature of Remix OS for PC is multiple window support, and this has been vastly improved in the migration to Marshmallow. Significant examples include:


  • New button has been implemented that resizes a window to fit specifically to the app’s content - ensuring optimal layout is maintained


  • Video-based apps now open up in full-screen when you maximize the video rather than staying in a small framed window


  • Resizing windows manually can now be initiated anywhere along the edge of the window (other than the top edge), rather than just on the bottom right corner


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    Reza Askari Nezhad

    I don't get this update over OTA. Why ???


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    Danny d

    After installation my PC reboots and I get this text: after that it gives me a black screen and it won't boot. I had remix for a while but this version does not run.

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    Marcio Kroth



    first, congrats for your great work, i love remix OS.

    I have some problem with updates, how i can get update over OTA?


    Thank you from Brazil

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    Trí Tuệ

    Dell inspiron 3543 after intall 3.0 not connet wifi.

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    Tumph Eldazkid

    I have a bug whenever I put my PC on standby and try to wake it up it skips I can't use it until I force shut and switch on ... secondly I can't find system update app in other to update to the latest build version

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