Remix OS for PC Update: 3.0.102

*Please download this update here.

Remix OS for PC version: 3.0.102

Release date: August 4, 2016


  • Added feature where recent apps will be shown on the top line of apps in the App Drawer
  • Support for hard disk partition mount allows you to access files and folders in other partitions
  • Support for future updates via OTA
  • Fixed more Wi-Fi issues related to Broadcom wireless chipsets
  • Added “App Store” to Remix OS

*Please download this update here.


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    Hadi Johan


    How do i unmount hard disk partitions permanently particularly my main boot drive (windows) C:/ drive because fiddling with my files caused my main boot drive to not boot and become corrupt.

    please help. i don't want to make another fresh install of windows

    also some apps keep its data on my windows C:/ drive i'm afraid if this could damage my system.

    this has been a problem for me since the 2.0.205 update

    • Enabled reading and writing on other hardware partition.


     i'm currently running the latest version of remix


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    Thomas Hoberg

    Could you explain a little about the "App Store"? Who's store is that exactly and who ensures that the applications in there are not MalWare?

    First thing I got offered was an updated Google Play store which Google doesn't have and which could be a perfect subterfuge to redirect from Google's orginal store somewhere dark and dangerous.

    On the positive side you might have mentioned that you've included the Stragefright security fixes in this release: They were missing from the first v. 3.0.101 release.

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    Thomas Hoberg

    Some bugs were carried over from the last version:

    • More than one ethernet port on your device means none properly initializes via DHCP and the manual override is no longer available. I believe the Linux kernel and the Android userland number Ethernet ports in different directions and thus eth0 and eth1 get swapped. It doesn't get better with three, four or more ports, I tried!
    • All Nvidia GPUs I tried (980 TI and 780) cause an immediate freeze when you try anything beyond Open GL ES 2.0 like ES 3.0 or 3.1
    • The kernel only supports 8 cores or rather threads. On most of my systems that's fine, but on the Xeon 2680v3 with 12/24 cores/threads only one third is recognized. Still no problems with the 128GB of RAM ;-)
    • You should update MESA to 12.1 ASAP to get OpenGL 4.x and I can't wait to have Vulkan working on RemixOS, preferably with a Steam client
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    Aseem Anshu

    i am unable to use Ethernet as it does not allow editing of Ethernet setting.

    in previous version 2.0.403 it is easy to fill ip address in Ethernet setting but now in 3.0 version it is defaulted by and does not allow change..

    please update so i can use Ethernet on remix os.. 

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    Craig Clark

    My WIFI works on my laptop with the new release (had to use wired Ethernet on the last one), but the mouse calibration is off now. I have to click in the lower right to click on any button. And the new larger title bar on a window app leaves a gap where the desktop shows when it goes way when I play Fallout Shelter. Update: the mouse is only a problem when I use full screen mode. If I keep it in window mode and just make the window as large as possible the mouse works fine.


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    Still no sound on Lenovo Miix 700 and Surface 3.

    Surface 3 : Intel audio Device

    Miix 700 : Realtek Audio Device (HDA ALC 236)


    Many user and tester has the same problem. Hope to fix this bug.

    Thank you.

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    Luis Silva

    Does anyone can help me, I intall the Remix OS 3.0 Marshmalow 6.0,but doesn´t work.After initiale with Remix OS on my computer, the only info I get is " Remix OS" flashing and nothing more. I will apreciate some help,please

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    Danny d

    Can there please get something done about the screen resolution, I've hooked my computer to a 32 inch LCD screen but the resolution is not optimal. The bottom task bar is only partly visible and it's to wide. There is no option to fix this. I only have the second screen working and the first one shuts down at boot and stay's black.

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