Remix OS for PC Update 3.0.103

Remix OS for PC version 3.0.103 update is available OTA.

Please use the 'System update' app found in your app drawer to initiate the update.


Release notes:

Remix OS for PC version: 3.0.103

Release date: August 9, 2016

  • Setup wizard now skips Wi-Fi connection step if LAN is connected
  • File Launcher now aligns icons to grid
  • GMS can now be activated during the setup wizard
  • Key-mapping tool now enabled by default
  • Fixed more Wi-Fi issues
  • Fixed App drawer crashing when ‘Search’ nets no results
  • Fixed wallpaper distortion

Important note:
If you have key-mapping tool and/or GMS disabled in version 3.0.102, updating to version 3.0.103 will cause problems if you want to activate these apps in 3.0.103.

  • If you plan to use these apps, we advise you first activate these apps while still running 3.0.102 before updating to version 3.0.103.
  • If you have no plans to use either of these apps, you don't need to do anything.


  • Avatar
    The Magician

    Please fixes some annoyances in 3.0:

    Cannot open Play Store in window-mode

    Windows won't snap into endges or won't autoresize when dragged into edges

  • Avatar
    Ritter out

    I want in the next update:

    support USB tethering , without this I can not browsing

    I love the OS

    but as there is less, without the internet

    everyday I use USB tethering, in my windows

  • Avatar
    Ritter out
    to zoom in/out I think , more easily by pressing 

    right mouse (hold down the right mouse).

    by sliding to the left or right

    sliding to left ( zoom out ) - right ( zoom in ).

    corresponding cursor is where

    such as pinch to zoom.

    This would be perfect for playing games that use two fingers
  • Avatar
    Mukiza Peter

    Well, i like this OS. Have not updated yet am going to, high hopes.

    the only challenge i have had with 3.0 is.....accessing the hard disk. hope it is worked upon in this update.


  • Avatar
    Aabed M Samy

    How can I add users??
    When connecting my laptop to TV using RGB cable I can't see the whole screen just the left two thirds. How to fix this issue?

  • Avatar
    Rifaldy Hendrajat

    i download Apps from Playstore. when i launch its stoped working. Please fix this

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