Remix OS for PC Update: 3.0.201

Remix OS for PC version: 3.0.201
Release date: August 16, 2016

Release notes:

A major focus of this build was to integrate the latest Android-x86 RC2 release which results in a more stable overall experience.

  • Added latest Google Android M Security patch
  • Latest Android-x86 RC2 has been integrated and the highlighted features are as follows:
  1. Fixed more Wi-Fi issues 
  2. Fixed more audio card loading issues
  3. Fixed software rendering crashing issues on VM's like QEMU and VirtualBox
  • OTA support disabled if software was NOT installed by official Jide installer
  • Newly installed apps will have a small blue icon on it so they can be easily identified



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    Imran Nazir

    I thought Jide will give us a way to customize eithernet on next update. So that we can use internet by eithernet.

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    ياسر احمد محمد

    Imran Nazir you can customize Ethernet settings like IP and DNS from settings. I'm also PC user. They have support for Ethernet customization from the Alpha version itself.

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