How to send us error log reports for Remix OS Player

1. Run Remix OS Player
2. Open Command Prompt in Windows. 
- Windows 10 - type Command Prompt in Task bar search box. 
- Windows 7 - type Command Prompt in search box on Start Menu. 
3. Navigate to android tool directory 
- type "cd <DIRECTORY_TO_REMIXOS_FOLDER>/RemixOSPlayer\remixemu\platform-tools"
- NOTE: <DIRECTORY_TO_REMIXOS_FOLDER> is the directory you place RemixOSPlayer folder. For example - C:\Users\Jide\Downloads
4. Run ADB command to generate log file
- type this command in Terminal "adb logcat -d > logcat.txt"
- also type this command in Terminal "adb shell dmesg > dmesg.txt"
5. Send us the log reports
- You can find two files - logcat.txt and dmesg.txt under
- Send these two files to us here in this thread:


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