Product Inquiries

Will the pre-installed Remix OS be supported and updated?

Yes. We will keep supporting Remix OS for Remix IO with continued updates and upgrades as hardware allows.


What version of Remix OS will the Remix IO run on?

Remix IO will run on Remix OS based on Android Nougat. Rockchip has agreed to work with us in developing the RK3368 chip for Nougat. Depending on the development schedule, Remix IO will either ship with Remix OS based on Nougat, or it will ship with Marshmallow and get an OTA update to Nougat.


Will Google Play Store be available for Remix IO at launch?

No. Remix IO will not come with Google Play Store pre-installed. 


What languages will be supported by Remix IO?

Remix IO supports all stock Android languages. That means 80-90% of text will appear in your native language. For the remaining 10-20%, we are still working to fully localize Remix OS system messages for all languages.


For typing in your preferred language, you will need to download an input app that allows you to do this. If your preferred physical keyboard layout is something other than QWERTY, you’ll need to adjust the physical keyboard layout in ‘Settings > Language & input > Physical keyboard’.



With Miracast technology, you can mirror your screen and wirelessly cast it onto another screen that has a Miracast receiver.


If you have a Remix IO connected to a TV in a living room (or to a projector in a meeting room) your cell phone screen can be wirelessly mirrored onto the bigger screen.


Remix IO can also cast its screen to other Miracast receivers. This means that as your Remix IO is in operation, it can cast its screen onto another display to show the same screen.


What’s the difference between TV Mode and PC Mode?

TV mode:

  • Has bigger app icons that may be preferred on TV screens
  • Is optimized for remote controls
  • Supports Android apps developed for TVs


PC mode:

  • Has Remix OS interface that is tailored for PC usage. Among its tailored features are:
    • Supports multitasking and multiple resizable windows
    • Is optimized for keyboard & mouse input
    • Has a taskbar to manage your system and apps
  • Supports Android apps developed for mobile devices


Multiple accounts:

Multiple accounts is a feature available on Remix IO, but is turned off by default.

Go to Remix OS options > Experimental features to turn it on.


Is there a mic port on Remix IO?

While there is no mic port on Remix IO, the audio jack supports mic function on your earphones and connecting webcams or speakers with mics will also solve your mic needs.


How do I connect Remix IO to a TV or a monitor?

Remix IO has both HDMI and VGA ports. If it is another connection you need (ie. DisplayPort) you may need to source an adaptor.


Does Remix IO support keyboard & mouse?

Yes, most keyboards and mice available on the market will work with Remix IO.


Will there be any hardware upgrades to Remix IO during the campaign?

We will most likely stick to the hardware as is so we can avoid delays in delivering your Remix IO(s) on time, however this may be subject to change.


Does Remix IO support connecting external drives?

Yes, Remix IO reads and writes from external USB flash drives and hard drives (NTFS, exFAT, FAT32).


 Does Remix IO support game controllers?

Yes, Remix IO is compatible with the majority of game controllers that support Android devices. We'll be testing the most popular gamepads to ensure the compatibility before launch in March.


Can I use a game controller to play all Android games?/What is game controller key mapping?

Not all Android games are compatible with game controllers. However, Remix IO will support game controller key mapping. This means that if the game does not support game controllers, you can use your game controller to interact with the game. This will make more games playable with game controllers.


I still own a Remix Mini, will I be able to update to this version of Remix OS?

Remix Minis will stay on Remix OS based on Android 5.1. The Mini’s CPU is an Allwinner H64 chip. This chip doesn’t support Android 6.0 or 7.0. Until they provide support for it, the Mini will stay on Remix OS based on Android 5.1.


What’s on the front of the Remix IO? I see things like eyes, nose and a mouth.

Both the 'eyes' you see are lights. The left eye indicates TV mode and the right eye indicates PC mode. The 'nose' you see is the physical button to put the IO into sleep mode and to wake it. The 'mouth' you see is the IR receiver. I hope this helps! And, we will update the page with a close up image of the front of the IO.



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